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Did you know that customer service jobs are the gateway to becoming a CEO?

Customer Service:  when you think about a customer service job, the image of a young college student with a headset on his or her head sitting in front of a computer taking calls from angry and irate customers likely comes to mind.  However, customer service and especially Huntsville call center jobs can be the gateway to other more lucrative positions which offer more opportunities like management, senior management, and CEO!  Reading this may have made you want to look for a phone-based customer service job.  You are in luck if you live in Huntsville because you can use Bedpage which is to Huntsville what Craigslist is for the rest of America for these and other related positions.  Read further if you want to learn more about this! 

  1. Huntsville telemarketing call center jobs sales customer service employment

One position to be on the lookout for on Bedpage’s employment section is Huntsville telemarketing call center jobs sales customer service employment.  If you are hired for this position, you can look forward to receiving a sign-on bonus of up to $2,000 since good people who are good in call center-based customer service work are hard to find!  Huntsville telemarketing call center jobs sales customer service employment jobs inadvertently prepare you for rewarding careers in upper level managerial and even executive positions because of the skills and knowledge you will gain from them.  

You will learn excellent communication skills because you will be negotiating sales deals and other contractual based agreements with customers.  Call center-based customer service jobs also help you improve your interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence because you will learn how to diffuse difficult situations for irate and angry customers.  You will also learn how to sell product and service packages to customers who don’t really want to buy from your company.  Huntsville telemarketing call center jobs sales customer service employment opportunities will teach you excellent research and organizational skills because you will be researching vital information regarding products and services for angry or frustrated customers.  You will learn how to keep organized online and offline databases to store this vital, confidential, and sensitive information. 

Asides from that, Huntsville telemarketing call center jobs sales customer service employment opportunities offer excellent pay for professionals with a high school diplomaor those who are earning their college or postgraduate degrees.  Pay can range from $10-$15 an hour and can sometimes be much higher.  The benefits are good and include health, dental, and vision.  You will be required to work in alternating shifts and be punctual. 

Call center jobs

Call center jobs are more than just glorified, dead-end jobs where you talk to customers about irrelevant and worthless things all day.  They are ladders for advancement in the business world and can prepare you for other challenging professions like medicine and dentistry.  This is because call center jobs encompass sales and related work.  Since you will be dealing with customers and resolving their pressing issues, you will learn excellent communication skills and will develop your interpersonal and intrapersonal skills as well as your emotional intelligence.  

You will develop strong analytical skills and learn how to do excellent research in most call center jobs because you will learn how to resolve payment issues for various products and services, revenue integrity, and quality improvement solutions, among other things.  Organizational skills are a must since you will be researching customer-related issues in a timely manner and on an individual basis.  Punctuality and self-discipline are also required.  Most call center jobs offer good pay which can be more than $14 an hour.  The benefits are good and most companies conduct walk-in interviews and on-the-spot hiring. 

Phone sales

If you like convincing people they need to buy and use various products and services which they may not want, and you like talking over the phone, phone sales jobs are for you.  You will develop excellent negotiation, communication, interpersonal, and most importantly, listening skills - half of the work in any sales job is listening, and phone sales positions are no exception.  Excellent research skills are a must since you will be researching vital information regarding various products and services online.  You will develop great analytical skills because you will learn how to communicate vital and relevant features and their importance in the lives of your customers.  One of the things you will also learn is how to convey the perceived benefits of these products and services to the end consumer and how they will resolve their pain points.  Negotiation skills are a must because you will have to convince customers that this is true.  

Because upselling (selling additional items or services, often in bundled packages) is encouraged, phone sales positions can be lucrative.  The best positions can pay a salary which is in the six figures!  These types of jobs offer handsome commissions and bonuses as well.  Since phone sales work emphasizes and develops excellent analytical and research skills regarding customer accounts, you will also learn excellent organizational and computer skills as you work with, within, and across different computerized databases. 

Phone-based sales jobs offer a bright future

If you have excellent people and communication skills and want to develop those and other vital skills further, Huntsville telemarketing call center jobs sales customer service employment, call center jobs, and phone sales jobs are for you because you will learn these skills in those positions.  These positions offer excellent pay and advancement opportunities as well.  If you live in Huntsville, the first place to look for this type of work is on Bedpage.  Good luck with your job search(es)!  You will not regret your decisions or actions!

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