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Mon 14 Oct
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Did you know that volunteering for Habitat, for Humanity will help you get a managerial job?

When you think about volunteers, images of high school and college students stuffing envelopes to send out donation requests, or digging ditches to build houses for needy people may come to mind.  But many volunteering jobs can be considered to be like unpaid internship positions because of the vital time management, communication, interpersonal, intrapersonal, project management, and problem-solving/analytical skills you will learn.  This is especially true for Huntsville volunteers. Bedpage is Huntsville’s version of America’s Craigslist or Angie's list.  Visit Bedpage’s website, and you will find many volunteer opportunities in Huntsville and surrounding areas.


  • Huntsville volunteers

Positions requiring Huntsville volunteers abound on  For example, you can ‘give back to the community’ by helping the homeless.  Numerous nonprofit organizations abound in Huntsville which will have you working in several programs which offer free services for the homeless.  These services include house building and job training programs, as well as job-seeking services.


  • Nonprofit organizations

Nonprofit organizations are legally registered 501 C 3 organizations which are tax-exempt and whose sole purpose is to help the needy and less well-off in Huntsville and other areas.  Their vision, mission, and services extend well beyond those of the American Red Cross and the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization.  One such organization is The Academy for New Musical Theatre.  This organization is a 501 C 3 whose mission is to create and develop new musical theater for Huntsville youth with great literary and acting/theater skills.  Some of its members include writers, composers, producers, and actors.  Working for this organization will develop and broaden your time management, interpersonal, intrapersonal, oral and written communication, project management, and creativity skills.  These are all skills needed in lucrative management positions!


  • Volunteer work

As a high school or college student, you may have heard that ‘volunteer work will improve your chances of getting admitted to a great college!’  volunteer work is also useful because it will improve and enhance your many skills while giving you the satisfaction of ‘giving back to the community.’  Some skills you will gain through this kind of work include interpersonal, interpersonal, customer service, time management, and communication skills, among others.  All of these skills are necessary if you want to be successful in a high profile managerial or executive position!


  • Community service

Many colleges require you to perform community service in high school to be considered for admittance.  However, since community service is broad and includes working as a secretary for a nonprofit, or being a candy striper in a hospital, it can teach you many relevant skills.  These include project management, time management, interpersonal, intrapersonal, customer service, problem-solving, analytical, and technical skills among others.  You may well be working as a webmaster for a major nonprofit. These same skills are needed in any professional job in the business world.


  • Volunteer opportunity

You may have heard that ‘a volunteer opportunity is great if you are young and you want to get real-life, on-the-job training.’  Indeed, any volunteer opportunity can be considered to be an excellent unpaid internship which will allow you to learn many business skills while still in junior high school or high school.  These opportunities will teach you excellent communication, customer service, and problem-solving skills, especially if you volunteer in a hospital or other organization offering services to the general community!  Good places to look for these opportunities include community service organizations where you will be performing such tasks as litter and creek cleanups, storm drain labelling, and gardening work, among other tasks.  These tasks will teach you the skills mentioned above and more which will make you an ideal candidate for rewarding managerial and executive positions in the business world.


  • Volunteer organizations

Hundreds of volunteer organizations exist in the greater Huntsville area.  These volunteer organizations will provide you with the work which will improve your customer service, communication, problem solving, analytical, and other skills, especially if you are a teenager.  They are the best ways to get real life work experience without needing a special work permit if you are an American teen.  The best part of these organizations offers ample opportunity for advancement since they have lucrative paid positions and often ‘promote from within!’


  • Charity organizations

Charity organizations help the needy and poor in America.  Some of the better-knowncharity organizations in Huntsville include the United Way and Feeding America.  If you volunteer in these organizations when you are young, you will gain the experience and insights you need to excel in the professional world.  You will also learn compassion and people skills you will need to excel in more demanding and less forgiving managerial and executive positions when you are older.


  • Nonprofit groups

Nonprofit groups help others while pulling in no direct revenue themselves.  Since nonprofit groups are entirely dependent on donations, volunteering in such a group will teach you excellent budgeting and financial management skills since you may be asked to manage donations and the group’s financial books!  These are great skills for careers in the lucrative and powerful financial services field.


Nonprofits are where it’s at!

Volunteering opportunities in Huntsville are a gateway to the professional world because of all of the skills you will learn.  They are in abundance on the volunteering section of Bedpage’s website.  Many organizations use Bedpage as a recruiting website when posting opportunities there because they often hire those volunteers who they train!  All the best in your quest!

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